nand Nerd . info

This website is no longer maintained and remains for posterity.

Welcome to, home to Second Life resident nand Nerd. Within these pages are some of my experiments, some useful and some which are purely for decoration.

On the useful side we have tools such as a Particle System Generator, which allows users to fiddle with particle system settings through a web-page interface and see these settings in action within Second Life using the associated object. We also have a range of sculpt texture generators which, as the name suggests, creates sculpt textures in this case using a series of parameters which are fed through some simple mathmatics to produce a solid 3d object specifically designed for Second Life's sculpted prims. The asthetic side of my experiments is dominated by my Flexi-hedra. These were born as geometric solids but evolved into living moving sculptures. Find my items on sale at XStreet SL by following the links on this dedicated page.


In addition to the above static pages I sporadically keep a blog of my work in Second Life [now offline].