What are flexi-hedras? To give them their full name of Flexible Polyhedra may shed some light but to fully describe them I'd have to say that they are geometric solids (i.e. dodecahedrons, icosahedrons etc) which are made up of triangular prims (Primitives are the building blocks of Second Life) which make use of the Flexible Path feature within Second Life. A series of scripts controls the motion of the objects prims and several settings are adjustable.

To display a photo of these objects would defy logic as they are by definition moving sculptures. For this reason I made a few short videos at the time of their first conception, only on one other occasion did I take another video and that was at the Second Life 3rd Birthday (SL3B) Art Exhibition [nag me some and I may make some new videos]. You'll find these videos below.

UPDATE: as of May 2010 I've completely reworking the script at the heart of these sculptures. I managed to remove all the secondary scripts from the objects (there used to be one for each flexible prim!) and added an extensive menu system along with commands for altering the appearance of the flexi-hedra. With this work now complete I'm listing each of the flexi-hedra on XStreet SL (click here for more info) and hope to open an inworld shop in the near future.

Flexible Icosahedron

Flexible Dodecahedron

Flexible Great Dodecahedron

Flexible Small Stellated Dodecahedron

SL3B Exhibit

Well perhaps a few snapshots won't hurt:

Flexi-hedra display at Second Life's 5th Birthday