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In addition to the main experiments listed on this site I thought I should give details of some of the other things I've worked on in Second Life. These will be listed below in no particular order.

Filming Path

Filming Path is a machinima tool which Geuis Dassin created with my assistance. Designed to be very user friendly yet packed with flexibility it works around a HUD system.

Commercial for Filming Path by Geuis Dassin. Also available on

Excellent tutorial by Barry of Global Kids.


Sphere-maker and other rezzers

One of my first experiments in Second Life revolved around rezzing spheres using multiple cube prims. I worked on this for several months on and off, eventually making spheres a whole region in diameter (256m). After I had accomplished this feat I decided to try my luck at ellipsoids but never got the rotations of the prims working. Along the way many mistakes turned out to be quite artistic, click through below for a gallery of my sphere snapshots.

Sim sized sphere
Click here to visit my Sphere photoset on Flickr.


Another of my silly experiments and a spin-off from the sphere-maker. Using a scripted rezzer I was creating rotationally symmetrical patterns. I quickly realised these would make nice decorative mirrors (we can't have reflective surfaces in SL... yet) or picture frames.

I have now started collecting my snapshots of the Mirrors and other by-products of the sphere and radial rezzer experiments in a flickr photoset.

Petals Mirror

Mirrors photoset on Flickr