Second Life Profile
Name: nand Nerd
Date of Birth: October 2005
Location: Scotland, UK
Age: 23 of your Earth years
Second Life builder and scripter. My building style is mainly geometric and my engineering background leads me to build more mathematically than artistically.

To see some of my work visit "nand Nerd's Flexi Fun" where you will find some polyhedra with a flexible twist. These were developed by fluke, when I had started building polyhedra LL introduced the flexible path feature and I decided to combine the two and was stunned by the elegance of the outcome.

My scripting experience comes mainly from practice though having previous languages helped. I had some experience working with BASIC, JavaScripting, PBasic (for Parallax Basic Stamp (modular microcontroller board), MPASM (assembler for PIC micro controllers) and JAL (a C-like compiler for PIC micro controllers). I would quite like to try a bridge between SL and RL using a PIC based system communicating with a script in SL.
This page is intended to be viewed from my profile and is designed for a width of 400pixels.
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