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How do you create 3d objects on a 2d webpage? This is the question I asked myself when I realised that making sculpt map textures for Second Life was actually quite easy, it's the interface that's the difficult part.

The following pages contain tools for making sculpt map textures from numbers entered on a form. In each page they process the numbers slightly differently, allowing for a large variety of sculpts.

In most cases you need to enter a list of points corresponding to locations on the surface of the sculpt. In others though, such as Rounded Cylinder, you just change a few parameters to create a sculpt.

For an introduction to the tools, a sculpt quick guide and frequently asked questions, click here.


- takes a series of radii and revolves them around the z-axis.

Z,R Revolve

- takes a series of radii and corresponding z-positions and revolves them around the z-axis.

Variable Radius Sphere

- takes a series of radii for different points around the circumference of a sphere.

Constant Cross-Section

- takes a series of x,y coordinates and creates a constant cross section.

Z,R Cross

- combines the x,y coordinates of a cross section and the z,r for height and scaling.

Rounded Cylinder

- takes a radius between 0 and 120 and applies it to the edges of a cylinder.


- uses a few variables to create a series of sculpt maps which when animated look like ripples.

Sculpted Snapshots

- upload a depth snapshot and it produces a sculpt which you can use to give your snapshot a cool 3D effect.

Names / Sculpted Text

- last but definitely not least is the NEW tool developed for making sculpted text. Supply the in-world vendor with the text you want sculpted and it will put up to 8 characters on each sculpt map. It's quick and easy to use, visit my store in Rendervisions Isle to try it out. N.B. this is the only sculpt tool I charge for.



Sept 2010: Sculpted text is now available from my store in-world. A vendor has been set up to serve you the sculpt maps for your text. The system can put up to eight characters on a single sculpted prim. Want to find out more? Check out the page here or visit my store in Rendervisions Isle.
The Export feature I mentioned previously is now available on zrrev, cross and zrcross pages. To use this develop your sculpt as normal and then hit the Export button, a window will show the text you need to copy into a notecard in SL and will give instructions on what to name it (i.e. if it needs -SCULPT at the end). Then all you need to do is drop the notecard into your Sculpt Studio mat.

Apr 2010: Added the intro page for full descriptions of each page, general instructions on using the webpages and a FAQ.

Mar 2010: Export to Sculpt Studio was a success but is not yet publically available. New page added, Sculpted Snapshots, a simple tool to turn depth snapshots from Second Life into sculpt maps.

Feb 2010: I have invested in a Sculpt Studio (XStreetSL link) which is quite popular with my friends. I am considering ways to incorporate my tool such that anyone who wishes to progress from these pages to making more detailed sculpts can export their works into Sculpt Studio. I'll update here if and when I have any luck.

Feb 2010: And now all pages accept clicking on the preview window for setting the points x,y or r,z. Checkboxes are used to select the points you wish to work with.

Feb 2010: Big news worthy of another update. I'll be rolling out enhancements to each page to allow points to be placed by clicking on the preview window. It's already up and running on Revolve, why not check it out.

Feb 2010: MOAR!!! I've added some more pages and further enhanced the existing ones. Moving too fast to document it here. Any questions or suggestions please fling them my way in-world by IM or Notecard.

Jan 2010 : Despite stating that I would not be undertaking any further work in this section I have tweaked a few pages, namely adding a second parameter to the rounded cylinder which allows for independant control of the radius of the top and bottom edges. Not sure if anyone is actually using these, if you are please drop me an IM in-world and let me know. I really should update the example images for each of the sculpts as I'm sure they aren't as rough looking now. Also looked at reversing the z-axis on some pages as it seems that the sculpt map is upside down when imported into Second Life.