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Neon Names

Welcome to my Neon Names page, here you'll find out about the latest in my sculpt tools and the first sculpt tool that can be operated from within Second Life. Well what is it? It's designed to fabricate a sculpt map with up to eight characters, allowing you to make signs or titlers, enhance posters or just put your name in big shiny letters.

Wear your name with pride!

So how do you use it? Simple, pop down to my store in Rendervisions Isle (home of The Art Door community) and say on channel 5 the text you want displayed on a sculpted prim, i.e. "/5 nand is AFK", you'll get a preview of the sculpted text on the vendor (it cheats though and uses a single prim for each character, oh the horror!) and you'll be told how much it will cost to generate it. [For a limited time the credits will cost only $L50 each (a credit = a sculpt map) so get down there fast!] When you have the desired text and paid the vendor the exact change you can hit print and watch as the printing machine leaps into action. Behind the scenes your text is transmitted to this website where the sculpt maps are generated (in a similar way to the free sculpt tools available on this website) and a link is sent to you in-world which allows you to download your sculpt maps and then upload them into Second Life (wish there was some way to automate that process). You'll now have your sculpt maps in your inventory but what do you do with them? The vendor will pass you a parcel which you can rez on the ground (or attach) and use to apply your sculpt maps, all you have to do is drag the sculpt map from your inventory into the contents of the parcel. If you want to have a go at applying the sculpt map to your own prims then be sure to set your sculpt map type to Plane.

Please do let me know what wonderful ways you make use of your sculpted text and if you have any problems or questions drop me an IM or notecard in Second Life.

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