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I'm now actually getting around to selling stuff on XStreet SL (SLExchange before LL bought it and modified it), as a result I thought I'd host a page here to link to my items and to further explain some points (rather than bloating my listings).

Quick Edit: In typical fashion I get my XStreet SL up and running and they start the migration over to the Marketplace. My items are now available from both locations, though the Marketplace listings aren't as glamerous as the XStreet SL ones were since we lost the ability to use bbcode.



I was able to replace all the scripts in my Flexi-hedra range with just one script (previously they had a script for each flexible prim = a LOT of scripts!). As a result I thought it was time to re-release them. When I presented my Flexi-hedra at the Lummerland Show and Tell on 23rd May 2010 I came away with 1st place (where previously I'd achieved 2nd place for my Geodesic Sphere and Sculpt Tool). For general information on my Flexi-hedra see this seperate page.

A few snapshots wouldn't go a miss. I must thank Servanya Gerstort for these, she did a great job photographing and post-editing them. Click through to see the larger version on Flickr.com.

Geodesic Sphere

Revisiting the geodesic dome I had built for my Flexi Fun gallery I decided to reduce the prim count by using sculpts. I was very pleased with the outcome and managed to take 2nd place at the Lummerland Show and Tell.

Geodesic Sphere

Some Information regarding my listings on XStreet SL

Particle System Tool

When the full release of V2.0 of the Particle System Tool is available I'll be using XStreet SL to distribute the in-world component. Previously I just had a message on the webpage asking for folks to get in touch for a free copy but this led to delays in delivery (namely waiting until I could get in-world).

Particle System Tool - Not Yet Available

Some additional information

Update Policy

This update policy relates to any scripted objects which I, nand Nerd, have sold through XStreet SL and do not include in-world sales except where stated otherwise.

While every effort has been made to ensure that scripted items are trouble-free and without bugs there may be instances where a script needs to be replaced to deal with an issue. Occasionally new features may be added to scripts and I'd like to share these updates with people who have previously bought the item.

In instances where the item containing the script is no-transfer an updated copy will be issued to you automatically via an Update Server.

If the item is transferrable but no-copy then the original will need to be returned in order to be replaced. This poses a problem since this process cannot be easily automated, to this end I hope to include features in future scripts to allow for updating without returning. For the existing scripted objects I will endevour to supply updates to anyone I have on my list (unfortunately records are patchy or non-existent for some products) or anyone who gets in touch for updates.

Returns Policy

This return policy relates to any items which I, nand Nerd, have sold through XStreet SL and do not include in-world sales except where stated otherwise.

Any no-copy, transferrable items purchased may be returned for a full refund up to two weeks (14 days) from date of purchase. After this date a refund will be granted only under exceptional circumstances. Please contact me via notecard if you are unhappy with any item and I'll do my utmost to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee refunds on non-transferrable or copy items. If you are unhappy that these items are not as described in their listings then I will either issue a refund (and correct the listing description) or match the listing description (where possible).

Privicy Policy

Outside of the XStreetSL system any record of sales will only be used for the purpose of issuing updates and refunds or customer support. Your SL name will not be sold on to other parties nor used for marketing purposes. If you wish to receive announcements on new products please join the group "Flexi Fun" in Second Life.


Limited support is available for any item purchased from nand Nerd. My time in Second Life is precious and I will try my best to help anyone with any issues relating to my products. If you send me a notecard please follow it up with an IM giving a brief outline, this is helpful as I often pick up my offline IMs as emails and an inventory offer often doesn't tell me much.

Legal notices

nand Nerd accepts no responsibility for use or misuse of his creations by other residents. Please take care handling items as some contain sharp edges and/or small parts.

The contents of this page do not form any part of a legal agreement or contract though I, nand Nerd, will try to uphold the above claims and promises.

I reserve the right to revise this page without prior notice.

XStreet, XStreet SL, SL, Second Life and Linden Labs are all (presumably) registered trademarks of Linden Labs. No infringement is intended.

Do not eat yellow Snow Crash.